Top 4 Little Debbie Protein Shakes

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Top 4 Little Debbie Protein Shakes

Let’s be honest - my life hasn’t been filled with a bunch of educational research. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed (I’m pretty round, actually), so it’s safe to say that I limit my studies to things that truly interest me. Well, I can confidently say that the research I did for this article was as extensive as it was in-depth. I even doubled up my research just to make sure I was bringing you the most thorough and precise results I could. *Sigh* the things I do for science and nutrition.

So, I bring to you, the four best Little Debbie snacks for protein shakes. You’ll be glad to know I didn’t find a combo I didn’t like (that would be impossible), but these are my favorites, each with a little twist to them; a "pro tip," if you will, to reach maximum results.

To keep it consistent, and because I love a good protein shake, here’s how I make my protein shakes in the blender.

  1. 8 oz of milk (2%, whole, chocolate, whatever floats your Swiss Roll)
  2. 1-2 scoops of your favorite protein powder (flavor will vary)
  3. 1 cup ice (dry ingredient cup, not a liquid measuring cup) 
  4. 1 snack cake (or five, whatever floats your bloat … boat). 
  5. Start the blender on a slower setting to get things mixed up and the ice worked into smaller chunks. Slowly increase the speed and then finish it at max speed for fast gains … rather, gainz, with a z. 
  6. Pour into a favorite cup or milk glass
  7. Enjoy with two straws for maximum slurpage. 

Now that you’ve got the basics for optimal protein shake making, let’s get right into the list, from number four to my number one combo:


Strawberry Shortcake Rolls

Not only are Strawberry Shortcake Rolls an underappreciated, underrated snack, it’s a top-notch choice for your blender. You’ll want to use vanilla powder for this one, as it doesn’t as easily overpower the great taste of the roll. Now, here's where the experience kicks in - personally, I like to skim the bottom of the roll to remove the icing residue that settles to the bottom. I’ve found that the "more cakey" the snack cake, the better it blends in the blender. So, skim that bottom layer and toss it out … wait, what?! Are you, insane? Don’t throw that out! That decadent layer goes straight from your knife right into your mouth. It’s a great burst of energy to restore your glycogen levels before you even enjoy the protein shake. I’m pretty sure it’s science.

Protein Flavor: Vanilla
Added Flavor: Frozen strawberries, slightly thawed, just a little bit runny.



Swiss Rolls

The Swiss Roll one of the all-time greats from Little Debbie, and on the Snack Cake Mount Rushmore for a lot of folks, it makes a great protein shake for all fitness/strength enthusiasts. This one ranks in the top three for me because it has the trifecta of greatness when it comes to a great shake: cakeiness, creamyness, chocolateyness (trust me, these are all words … probably). And, lest we forget, IT COMES IN A TWIN PACK! I like to drop one in the blender and the other in my mouth as I scarf down the muscle gaining fuel. Now, like the Strawberry Shortcake Roll, I like to scrape the remaining icing, but this time, it's off the small white wrapper … and it goes straight down the gullet (in a time crunch, tongue and teeth work great to get that icing off). And, seriously, I feel like this last info is less about shake advice and more about general Little Debbie snack etiquette. 

Protein Flavor: Chocolate
Added Flavor: Double the Swiss Rolls for a thicker shake



Birthday Cakes

Everyone loves a good party, and this is a party for your mouth. Sadly, Birthday Cakes aren’t in a twin pack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them as such! The Little Debbie Birthday Cake is great alone, but when you toss it in your vanilla protein shake, you get a cake batter taste, which any American loves. The confetti sprinkles inside the Birthday Cake will show up in your protein shake, so make sure you always drink this in a clear glass so you can show off how fancy you are. The sprinkles on top are fine in your shake, but if you feel inclined to pop them in your mouth as you prepare the gainz train, you wouldn’t be wrong. Another reason I love this shake is for that “Added Flavor” section below. I might even say this is a requirement - as long as you can handle raw eggs (it was safe for Rocky), then you’ll love this addition!

Protein Flavor: Vanilla
Added Flavor: Drop in a raw egg to give it a more cakey taste and finish



Fudge Rounds

When it comes to a snack cake that pairs well with chocolate protein powder, look no further than the Fudge Round. When searching for a good snack cake option, I’ve found that the cakier and creamier that it is (again, more legit words), the better it mixes and matches with ice and milk. The brownie cookie of this snack cake blends so well, and creates a bold chocolate taste when it is mixed with the creamy filling and squiggly line icing (I know, at this point you’ve realized what a wordsmith I am). The structure of this snack cake also provides a thicker shake to enjoy, which is always preferred, in my opinion. This shake is best enjoyed with chocolate milk … whole chocolate milk. Not only is this my favorite shake, by the time you add the whole milk, it’s the most filling. The Fudge Round Protein Shake tastes like a chocolate shake you get from your favorite drive-in; you won’t be disappointed (roller skates not required).

Protein Flavor: Chocolate
Added Flavor: Drop in a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana for the best chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake you’ve ever had. 


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