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One option you have to throw the open stone is to employ what’s called the, “Glide” technique. When it comes to the stone throw, this is a more simple and straightforward approach than the “Modified South African,” or “Full Spin.” But, don’t let this fool you; the glide is plenty complex and can merit some huge, huge throws. It’s a very worthy technique; here are a few reasons I like the glide:1. It’s a much more consistent movement, which is especially helpful when you consider how inconsistent the stone will be at each games. You may be throwing a heavier...

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On paper, and on film, the Braemar stone throw should be the easiest of the events to master. Yet, for as simple as it looks, there are a few things to remember if you want to pop out a big stone throw. For starters, let's look at rhe set up. (Again, I'm writing this as if I'm coaching a right- handed thrower.  So, you lefties will just need to translate/convert this in your head.) For starters, set your feet up in a heel to toe relationship, meaning, your left foot shouldn't be in an equal stance with your right foot;...

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