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There's nothing worse than a soggy implement ... wait. There is. Soggy snacks are worse. Either way, this towel will help you keep your implements dry, snacks fresh, sun out of your eyes, and help you set a new PR … in throwing appearance. 

- 24"x42" (not a beach towel, but not a hand towel, it's just right)
- 66/44 polyester/cotton blend
- Full sublimation print (that just means one side is completely black and the other is white)
- Do not eat the snack cakes on it, but if you sniff hard enough, you might smell a Zebra Cake. Might.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Parry
Towel for My Daughter

Bought a towel for my daughter, who had just started her first season of middle school track a field. A thrower, of course. Dan was kind enough to personalize a note for her. She saw it, went out, and threw a discuss and javelin PR. Not promising that for everyone, but it worked for her!

Bonnie McFarland
Should be a great addition

This is a gift so I don’t know how much he will like it. But he has a great sense of humor and all throwers need towels. His biggest worry will be someone taking it.

Luke Nichols
Little Debbie Towel, Big Gains

Every time I have used this towel while throwing, I get hungry for snacks. Actually, it’s a great addition to my gear.