The Big Reveal Shirt

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When it comes to true motivation, nothing says, "Conquer the world," like WORK HARD SNACK HARD. Yet, this shirt is more like a secret decoder ring; while the world thinks you are super motivating, you know the truth ... well, you are motivating, but you like your snacks, too! If you sweat enough (or wear this to the pool), folks will see the secret to your success, thanks to the invisible ink! 

- 60/40 poly shirt
- Sweat activates the hidden phrase "SNACK HARD." 
- FREE US Shipping 
- Grey in color to easily show how much you sweat ... without even having to train!
- Double sided WORK HARD / SNACK HARD tag on the sleeve to remind you to do both.
- When "SNACK HARD" appears, immediately commence snacking.
- WORK HARD portion of shirt will fade a bit over the washes as a byproduct of the interaction between it and the super secret invisible ink.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew McGhghy
Another home run from Daniel McKim!

Like the little Debbie snack shirts, the feel and fit is spectacular. BELIEVE shirts are easily my favorite to wear around the weight room or to practice. Another satisfying purchase and I look forward to buying the next shirt that drops!

Brad R
Hard working shirt

I love, love these shirts! The feel, the fit and this one gives you immediate feedback of the hardwork that deserves a SNACK!!

Nate Middleton
Best “sweatshirt”

Awesome T-shirt and design.

Benjamin Hartford
I BELIEVE this the coolest shirt I've ever THROWN on.

Ha! See what I did there? I used the name of the company in the title of my review, making it seem extra clever, even if it wasn't. Gold plated Star Crunches for everyone!

Ben Bialorucki
Worked Hard - Snacked too Hard

Love this shirt. We got the 6AM Crew at our gym wearing this shirt and we all love it. The only drawback is a few of the guys have too big of chests and the "SNACK HARD" has a missing section. There's an easy fix and we just need to snack a little harder.