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When it comes to true motivation, nothing says, "Conquer the world," like WORK HARD SNACK HARD. Yet, this shirt is more like a secret decoder ring; while the world thinks you are super motivating, you know the truth ... well, you are motivating, but you like your snacks, too! If you sweat enough (or wear this to the pool), folks will see the secret to your success, thanks to the invisible ink! 

- 60/40 poly shirt
- Sweat activates the hidden phrase "SNACK HARD." 
- FREE US Shipping 
- Grey in color to easily show how much you sweat ... without even having to train!
- Double sided WORK HARD / SNACK HARD tag on the bottom of the shirt to remind you to do both.
- When "SNACK HARD" appears, immediately commence snacking.

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie McFarland
Double the fun

I am giving this to my grandson for Christmas so can’t say much about it yet. It looks very cool and I just hope he sweats!

Greg York
Supercharges your training!

Because this shirt rats a slacker out. Seriously. You can’t swing through a bakery for a tasty pastry in a shirt that reads “Work Hard Sna ard.” Everyone will know! This is the ultimate training tool!

Anthony Balancio
Great idea and personalized!

Love the material and fit, plus got a personalized letter by the man himself! This is the third item I bought from this company and will buy more! Customer service, shipping timeline, product quality, is top notch!

Awesome shirt

I have had but awesome stuff said about my “big reveal” shirt! And it doesn’t that I sweat a lot at the gym! 🤣

Lenny Onsen

The Big Reveal Shirt