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Have you ever wanted to dedicate a whole month to the greatest lift of all-time? Well, here it is. BENCHMODE. A month-long training plan centered around five days a week of bench press and bench press variations; all leading to a PR attempt at the end! (comes to you via email as a PDF)

- 5 Days a Week 
- Bench Press Variation Each Day
- Upper/Lower Split (3 upper, 2 lower)
- PR Attempt at Month's End
- Snack Cake Suggestions

Customer Reviews

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Grant City, MO
Half Way Through

I really enjoy this program. I'm half way through so far. The volume for the bench press seems spot on to me. Enough to be a challenge but not so much that I'm missing reps. I've spent around 5 years running different variations of 5/3/1 so this was a nice change of pace. I'm excited to see where I end up. If I don't end up with a PR I'm pretty sure it'll either be because it's an off day or a lack of fudge rounds. Thanks for the program Dan!

Xavier Martinez
Dope workout dude, thanks.


Chris Harvey
Just keep benching...

On day 15 and already feel like I can smash that PR! French Press coffee and Swiss Rolls are the best kind of recovery!!!

Zachary Koch

Great workout plan, can do everything from my garage

Daniel Hall
Great so far

Only 8 days into the program but enjoying it so far 👍