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More than 10 years in the making, Behemoth sets out to make you just that: a Behemoth.

Developed by Daniel McKim, 4x World Champion and 6x US National Champion in the Scottish Highland Games, this program is not for the unmotivated, but the athlete looking to take his/her training and athletic performance to new arenas. Should you choose to embark on this 14 week journey, know that when the fog clears, you'll arise the most explosive, athletic and strongest you've ever been.

Inside you lurks a Behemoth. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dillon Isaacson
Instant Gainz

I'm only done with the first phase of the program and took two weeks off to prep for my first Highland Games of the season. Huge improvement over past years!! Broke 83 ft for the first time on Light Hammer and snagged 70 ft on the Heavy. Hit 44 ft on Light WFD as well which was pretty significant for me. I'm jumping back into the program this week and I think I'll have time to finish it before the summer and games really pick up into a full swing. I'm so glad I made this purchase and decision for follow the program.

Courtland Ingram

The book is written in layman's terms so it is easily understood and applied. I appreciate the simplicity and nutrition section to help relay to younger kids I coach on how they can intake enough of the right things to help them achieve the GAINS they work towards.

Joel Walker
Behemoth - A big Mans gym story

So after a brief recommendation from the writer I chose this as a new baseline workout. At 6ft 6in 285lbs most workout are not designed for people my size. This is 100% designed for big guys moving big weight who what to get bigger! Thanks for giving your time tested workout to the rest of us!