Public Speaking

Church Events

Strength goes beyond moving heavy weight or having the character to stand out among the crowd – luckily, Daniel McKim does both!

Daniel has traveled the world as one of the world’s greatest strength athletes. Audiences across the country are enthralled with his stories of competition and challenged with how God has worked in the life of him and his sport.



Not all keynote speakers have experience in corporate America to back up the training they provide.

Daniel has record-setting sales experience to challenge and train your sales staff, World titles to coach your executive team on strategic initiatives and goal-setting and years in leadership positions to facilitate the development of current and future leaders.


Youth and Schools

Possessing a true heart for the youth of our nation, Daniel excels in challenging youth to stand up for what they believe in and to grow into the leaders of the future they are.

Daniel urges youth to, “set the tone,” at an age as early as middle school, where they establish who they’ll be older in life and the pressures they’ll experience in high school, college and adulthood.


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