If Bar Is Not Bending ... Maksim Liftov Shirt

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Well. Maksim is at it again. He's raising money to lengthen his stay in my basement. One of his most popular statements is now forever on a shirt ... "If Bar Is Not Bending, You're Just Playing Make Believe." 

60/40 Blend Shirt
Soft, "no feel" print
Free US Shipping
Might, just possibly, help you to bend more bars
Translation not needed
*Laugh not included*

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Savage
Great Products

Saw a guy wearing a Little Debbie Lifting Team t-shirt at the airport. Loved. Bought it. Then bought a Maxsim shirt, because, if you don’t do deadlift, are you even alive?

James D’Amico
Love It

Great design, quality, material, and size. Would recommend to anyone, especially someone looking to up their DL… just don’t pull sumo!

Robert Thomas
Bars are bending

Every time I wear this shirt my deadlift goes up 100lbs

Adam Davies
I was playing make believe... BUT now I lift deads like champion of world!

I had lost my MOJO, my motivation... I was down and out, my pantry looked like a Little Debbie ghost town and my PR was years in the past. But then, it arrived. My Maxim Liftov T shirt appeared on my steps coincidentally as I came home from a work trip. I gave it a try, initially I thought this was just another shirt but was I wrong. My beard grew thicker and more luscious, my hand grip trippled and I felt as if I was a T800 designed specifically for lifting of the deads. Everytime I wear the shirt I push harder, and pull more reps. I feel like a champion now comrade. I am now strong like bear.

Stefan Dumitrica
Freaking awesome 🐻

Just got the t-shirts today, they fit perfectly and feel great. So looking forward to becoming strong like 🐻 ha ha haaaa💪
The personalized message is such a nice touch, unfortunately i ordered the package on my girlfriend's name because it's easier to receive at work than on our home address, but she lifts as well, so getting two times strong like bear was a nice message for her💪
I'm sure my Highland Games buddies will envy me 😁